Stop Worrying about Criminals stealing your Data, Assets, Personal Info and Time!

Warden is our Managed Service & Security Product (MSSP), that delivers full contextual visibility through our Partner Xcitium’s patented ZeroDwell containment of isolating unknowns at run-time to neutralize attacks on endpoints, workloads or networks – enabling continuous monitoring and response while conducting targeted and risk-based threat hunting 24×7 with Free Incident Response and remediation for small and medium organizations, start-ups and online hustlers.


4.2 out of 5 Rating from Gartner Peer Insights For Xcitium

Best Managed Security

Outsourced to Focused Professionals

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24x7 Global Coverage

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Organizations like these trust their security to Xcitium and that is why we have integrated their patented solution into Warden!

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Fully Managed Continuous Monitoring

24x7x365 team of highly skilled SOC analysts

Real-time Response, Reporting & Incident Handling

Automate forensic collections, block/isolate end points, our IR Team ready for in-depth attacker timeline with response options to neutralize and remediate support.

Threat Intelligence and Proactive Hunting

  • External feeds to alert, block, adversary killchain, along with internal base
  • Line analysis looking for deviations for response and more…
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Threat Intel

MSSP leveraging Xcitium’s extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform

Warden extends across endpoints to continuously monitor, manage, and connect the dots across your entire technology stack. Xcitiums Kernel -level ZeroDwell virtualization is a pre -emptive prevention technology that precedes detection and response by containing Unknowns and potential attacks at runtime.

Containing the Unknown – ZeroDwell
Zero Trust while we contain, investigate, manage and respond if necessary.

We contain unknown files at machine speed via virtualization APIs with out disrupting your work or your organizations activities.

  • Benign files are released.
  • Bad files are neutralized.

Detection as a front-line defense is outdated Relying on detection solutions alone can enable the criminals to front-run your defenses, thus losing.

The solution is “Detection-less” security! Its approach is not sandboxing, it is considered proactive protection at run-time. This allows it to stay ahead of the malware deployed by Criminals.

  • ZeroDwell virtualization contains & reduces the attack surface.
  • Deny’s access to critical system resources.
  • With the kernel level virtualization prevents ransomware, data
    exfiltration and damage.

Understanding Your Real Digital Life Risks.

These numbers are a snapshot in time and exponentially increase overtime. As more malware or malicious variants exist, the larger the “Unknown Threats” number becomes! Bring in AI, and things can quickly get out of control. A tipping point for Legacy Cybersecurity is happening, and the user is the one losing, not the adversaries or Cybersecurity companies. Warden changes this!

Safe Guard Yourself Now!

Never Worry About Malware Impacting Your Systems Again!

Simple pricing with no hidden fees. Choose the right solution according to your Life Style.        For full Business solutions Contact Us Today


(save 25%)

Get Protected Now

Immediate safety for Your Digital Life with the core elements of Xcitium ZeroDwell protection.


7.99 USD

/ mo

Do it Yourself

256x256 3

Perfect for Tech Savy with time to safe guard their Digital Life with added endpoint defenses to defend your Mobile Devices.


17.97 USD

/ mo

Professionally Managed

500x500 1

Perfect for those wanting a Team of Professionals providing Safety for their Digital Life 24x7x365.


39.97 USD

/ mo

Get Protected Now

Immediate safety for Your Digital Life with the core elements of Xcitium ZeroDwell protection.

$95.88 12% OFF* (You Save $12/yr)

83.88 USD

/ year

6.99 USD

/ mo

Do it Yourself

256x256 3

Perfect for Tech Savy with time to safe guard their Digital Life with added endpoint defenses to defend your Mobile Devices.

$215.64 22% OFF* (You Save ~$48/yr)

167.88 USD

/ year

13.99 USD

/ mo

Professionally Managed

500x500 1

Perfect for those wanting a Team of Professionals providing Safety for their Digital Life 24x7x365.

$479.64 25% OFF* (You Save $120/yr)

359.64 USD

/ year

29.97 USD

/ mo


Warden Cloud-Native SaaS Platform

Multi-Tenancy Capability

Compliance Reporting

Security Information & Event Management


Patented Auto Containment Technology

Integrated AI/ML Threat Intel & Indicators

NGAV Static & Behavioral AI Threat Prevention

Data Loss Prevention & Remediation

Data Loss Prevention & Remediation

(HIPS) Host Intrusion Prevention System

Verdict Cloud File Determination Service

Warden Threat Research Labs Service Delivery


Endpoint Detection and Response

Integrated AI/ML Threat Intel & Indicators

Mobile Device Security

Endpoint Client Security Agent

Patch Management Attack Surface Reduction

Warden Custom Security Policies


Award-winning Firewall Control

Device Asset Discovery

Remote Monitoring and Management

Vulnerability Scanning

Device Enrollment

Incident Log Activity


Alert Triage & Analysis

High Fidelity Threat Notifications

Incident Response & Forensics

Pro-active Threat Hunting

24/7/365 SOC Services

Data Storage for 365 Days

Live Remediation Support

Monthly Health Check Meetings


X/MDR Network and Cloud


Guided Deployment and Health Checks

IR Retainer

Customer Success Management

24x7x365 Enterprise Support

5x9 Customer Support

Business Complete - Supporting Your Business with Extended Detection & Response Capabilities

Get all the features of Managed Professional along with 3 added features. Secure your Network, Cloud Security and include added deployment support.

Warden Business Complete

Any Questions? Find answers here.

Don’t find your answer here? If not, just send us a message for any query.

What is Warden?

Warden is Managed Security Service Provider that is set-up to leverage Xcitium’s ZeroDwell to tackle the Zero-Day threats and deluge of vulnerablilties that the average person does not have time to track and fix. This creates an environment for unknown files to excel at exploiting and bypassing legacy antivirus and security vendors over reliance on detection as their only approach to stop this escalating war against criminals. We are hear to change the game and give you a fighting chance at protecting and safe guarding your Digital Life.

What's next?

When you pruchase Warden you are getting Bank Level Security, thus we follow a more Business to Business model of delivery. It may take up to 24-48 hrs to get you the correct files to safe guard your Digital Life.

Being new, we are continuing to refine our processes. So we appreciate your patience during getting set-up.

What Operating Systems do you support?

We support Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux.

  • Protect Me Know: Windows, MacOS, Android
  • Do it Yourself: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux
  • Professionally Managed: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux
Where is the Proof?

Since we have partnered with Xcitium’s patented ZeroDwell technology that has over 2 years of published Zero Impacts from hackers. We tend to think so.

AVLab Awards

Do you really offer 100% Cost Insurance?

Yes, as long as the cause was do to ZeroDwell not working and a criminal was able to impact your Digital Life as a direct result.

The technical details: will offer reimbursement of your costs for your subscription for monthly or annual not to exceed $1M USD for MDR customers to ensure against any successful ransomware attack within an environment protected by its Professional Managed systems.

Does not cover things such as, but not limited to the following:

  1. Those holding Crypto, sending funds to the wrong address
  2. Interacting with a malicious contract
  3. Giving scammers their wallet seed phrase
Is Incident Response FREE?

Cybersecurity breaches and ransoms persist worldwide, with worsening trends predicted for years and decades to come. Yet highly-profitable industry-dominant vendors are clearly not stopping the breaches! And you are paying for their detection failures via egregiously expensive IR fees (Crowdstrike’s MINIMUM Incident Response package with retainer is $49,000).


Our cybersecurity provides pre-emptive, detection-less protection, and Cyber Strategy Institute never charges our MDR customers any Incident Response retainers or fees. However, we are offering a no-retainer IR contract (IRC) to remediate OTHER VENDORS’ FAILED DETECTIONS. We guarantee incident response services delivered by our global team of elite experts to help you recover when OTHER VENDORS’ detections fail.


Note the terms:

  • You do not need to be a current or future customer of Cyber Strategy Institute to get an IRC
  • You do not need to pay or commit any upfront retainer or fees for your Cyber Strategy Institute IR Contract
  • If you never use contracted Cyber Strategy Institute IR Services, you’ve lost nothing, it cost you nothing
  • You can obtain an IR Contract today if required by your insurance company, and provide it to them without any commitment or retainer paid to Cyber Strategy Institute


Cyber Strategy Institute security is the solution to cyber threats, not another expensive part of the problem!