Our Focus is on Your protection from Cyber Criminals today!

We handle the hard part.

Our results are focused on disrupting Cyber Criminals ability to place your business or digital assets at risk!
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Mission First

Your protection and growth is our top priority!

People Always

We listen to your challenges and identify your risks and opportunities.

What makes us different

Fact Based

We don’t assume, we validate.


Criminals don’t stop, neither do we.

Engaged Globally

Your business Cybersecurity and growth is what we are interested in.

To simplify our focus, we are targeting how Cyber Criminals take advantage of us all. That is why the solutions we promote are geared towards disrupting their attack processes. While supporting your decision making process with actionable information to create opportunities for growth.

We help your business needs

By reducing the complexity you face with cyber criminals unrelenting goal of extracting as much as they can from you.

Who are we?

Focused on reducing the effects and risks of Cyber Criminals on your organization. With a background in DOD National Security and Cybersecurity environments.

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Cyber Strategy Institute

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My objective is to simplify this complex world to help protect and safeguard businesses and individuals from the criminal hackers and swindlers. 

I am leveraging my 20 plus years securing the USAF and DoD from nation state to every-day criminal hackers 24x7x365. I am taking those hard fought experiences to shape Cyber Strategy Institute to bring you the best of the best in capabilities and cybersecurity insights to make sure you are protected.

Vincent Sullivan

Founder and CEO

Our Vision and Mission

Cybersecurity through Cyber Criminal wealth destruction.

Putting Pressure on Criminal processes so they don’t work against our clients and users while creating opportunities for organizational growth.

Unsure were to start?

Together we can reduce your business complexity to increase your ROI.