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Our goal is to help you secure your game to ensure the safety of your players, in game assets and to make it harder for criminals to disrupt your community.

3 Phase Approach to Your Games Security

It is important to simplify your security and then make it more robust after a new baseline has been established not one based on an old baseline.

1. Protect Your Team

1. Protect Your Team

Take control of your Cybersecurity with Warden to protect your overall team and especially your developers. Say goodbye to worrying about your defenses catching the latest unknown threat and enjoy peace of mind as your devs build a fantastic game experience.

2. Audit Your Games Code

2. Audit Your Games Code

Secure your games code through regular audits and reduce the impact of 3rd parties code introducing vulnerabilities, malware, or lack of security mitigations. These audits also help quickly find credentials that might have been used during testing and more like unusual behavior in your code.

3. Protect Your Players & Distribution Channels

3. Protect Your Players & Distribution Channels

Highlight your new security compliance to differentiate your game from others. Also, partner with distributions channels to highlight your security compliance to separate your game from others, showing your focus on providing a secure environment for your player community.

Zero Impact from Known or Unknown Malware Since Oct 2020!

That is correct, an auto-containment system protects your developers and team from downtime due to malware.

Why this is so important is that over 70% of all businesses were affected with downtime due to malware in 2022.

Warden’s core system, thanks to our Partnership with Xcitium, gives you access to this remarkable system that has ensured Zero businesses have faced downtime due to malware since inception in October 2020. 

Zero Trust = Zero Infections
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10X Your Software Supply Chain Understanding - Reduce Your Risks Today!

Helping you identify any 3rd party vulnerabilities, unknown security risks such as certificate exposures, tampering, malware or just recommended security measures to ensure they are being implemented by your teams.

Our objective is to save your software teams hundreds of hours trying secure every little thing. All they need to do is focus on a couple of items. Time and Reputation are our currency in this world, don’t let others steal it from you!

Analyze Your Games Software For Supply Chain Security Risks


How is your software put together?

  • Any secrets hard coded?
  • Any 3rd party license exposure?

Risk Exposure

What are the chances your code is others risk?

  • Any vulnerabilities, are they actively being exploited?
  • Are you sure all the security mitigations are in place?


How easy is it to identify a supply chain attack?

  • Can you ID any tampering?
  • Any malware already in your code?

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