Cybersecurity Landscape Of 2022 and Insights into 2023 and beyond

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Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $8T in 2023. See How to Respond.

Criminal groups are turning up the pressure on their victims and shifting their ransomware strategies as the economic climate heads toward a depression. With the continued release of victims information through data breaches of big companies like AirAsia, Toyota, North Face, and Uber who finally admitted to the 57 million users being impacted back in 2016, who had their names and other details posted publicly on dark web “leak sites” that criminal and ransomware groups use to coerce their targets.

In this second edition of the Cybersecurity Landscape Report, Cyber Strategy Institute threat researchers and incident responders provide a global threat assessment of top trends.

  • Why your at risk
  • Who are the cybercriminals and hackers targeting
  • The cost of these attacks, the state of the industry
  • Outdated industry data
  • How you should respond

Better understand the Global Cybersecurity threat landscape and gain insights into:

  • How criminals, hackers and nation states are targeting you.
  • What methods they are using.
  • Our recommendations on how to respond to these threats to reduce your potential costs of a breach, hack, data theft or destruction.

Global Cybersecurity Landscape of 2022 Report