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Breach & Crisis Response

Leveraging 20 plus years of incident response experience working at the USAF and DOD levels of synchronizing cross agency response efforts to isolate, analyze and recover from hackers and nation state events. We have developed a robust guide based on our experiences and leveraging the PBED process.

Cybersecurity Breach Response

How to Recover from a Breach?

It is complex, but to simplify things down you need to look in four main areas. Planning, Briefing (synchronizing), Executing and Debriefing (Capture Lessons Learned).


In order to guarantee the security of your AI software, it is imperative to perform thorough code analysis, scrutinize programming vulnerabilities, and consistently carry out security audits.


AI learning level vulnerabilities are unique and require specific measures for protection. It is crucial to safeguard databases and carefully control the data that is allowed entry. Additionally, monitoring for any abnormal performance of the model is essential.


Without the right hardware AI models performance will faulter. Ensuring that hardware or devices are aligned with a zero trust architecture and framework is crucial for security.


To ensure the smooth functioning of the AI model, it is crucial that each component effectively performs its designated task and seamlessly integrates the results for making accurate final decisions.

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