Warden Vault - Professionally Managed 24x7x365 - Annual Subscription

$287.88 per year
Warden Vault - Professional Managed 24x7x365 - Annual Subscription
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Warden Vault - Professionally Managed 24x7x365 - Annual Subscription
Product Details

Warden Vault is designed for those needing bank level security and a Team of Professionals to do the heavy lifting of providing 24x7x365 Cybersecurity Safety for their Digital Life.

Secure yourself as fast as possible. Leverage your knowledge, skills and abilities to instantly protect your digital life from "unknown and malicious" files. You also get a full featured endpoint defense suite that you can configure against other threats that is managed by professionals 24X7X365. Letting Cybersecurity professionals go up against the professional criminals gives you the added edge to stay safe and secure.

Also, we know how hard it is staying up to date on all things Cybersecurity is a daunting task, even for us really. So we have captured a good summary of the major events, threats and impacts in our Cybersecurity and Blockchain Security reports for 2023. We spent thousands of hours capturing this information and distilling it down into these reports.

We painstakingly captured the state of security in 2023, and even debunked for myths and outdated information in this years report. We also realize that we have more to capture for next year. However, this is a great baseline for you to upgrade your knowledge, skills and abilities on both of these topics. We are so passionate about what we learned and captured in these two reports, we are offering them to you both for FREE to ensure more people get this information.


  • You get FREE Incident Response if ever needed.
  • FREE Threat Intelligence Reporting.


Upon purchase both of these reports will be available for instant download.

Get our Annual Cybersecurity Report for 2023 - Understand the total landscape of risks you face!

Cybersecurity Report 2022 png

Get our 1st Annual Blockchain Security Report for 2023 - If you hold or are thinking of holding BTC, Crypto or NFTs this report is for you!

Blockchain Security Landscape of 2022 Final png

Warranty Note: You can receive a full refund if you spend up to $1M in impact protection (based on your current plan). For example if you spend $1M on an annual plan, you are covered up to $1M. If you spend more than $1M, you are only covered up to $1M.