Cyber Strategy Institute Partners with Polaris Finance (Polaris DEX)

The power of teams

On, Oct 13, 2022 we formalized our support for each other through this partnership. For those who have been around, this is not a shock as we have been working together nearly since the start. But we wanted to capture what is really going on behind the scenes and solidify our partnership and give you insight into areas where Cyber Strategy Institute will continue to help Polaris Finance as their ecosystem grows.

The focus area has been helping the team accelerate their DEX concept and next steps, including partnerships. This work has accelerated Polaris’s ability to determine the type of platform to leverage and topics around “Deep Liquidity”. The direct result of this partnership has helped to speed up Polaris DEX plans by bringing value to the development by 4-months ahead of original plans.

What does this collaboration mean for Cyber Strategy Institute?

It continues to solidify and formalize our relationship with the Polaris team. To enhance their access to knowledge, skills and abilities in the following areas, and more if needed.

  • Security, Strategy development and planning.
  • Risk analysis, decision-making, market analysis.
  • Community and partnership development, relationship building, and business growth.
  • Tokenomics, yield creation approaches, trading with liquidity, establishing deep liquidity.
  • DEX features and utilities for retail users, institutions, and other projects.
  • Specific focus on developing Deep Liquidity on/off chain through partnerships that enable Polaris DEX to get access to integrations, market makers, lending, borrowing, and analytics…etc.

Polaris DEX platform future

Building an Automated Market Maker (AMM) with Deep Liquidity for Everyone! Means realizing an environment that supports all sorts of interests and people such as traders, investors, retail, institutions, analysis, aggregators, other projects. Everyone will be able to leverage the Polaris DEX leveraging AURORAs features of superfast finality and very low fees. To do this Polaris is assembling an ecosystem that not only continues to establish “Deep Liquidity” through stable tokens linked to major blockchain tokens (e.g. NEAR, BTC, ETH, USDC, BNB, with SOL next). But through its partners unique abilities and fusing them into “One Platform to Rule them All!”

As liquidity is being built, we are focused on the user by maximizing their ability within the DEX to get insights that are normally reserved for the top trading platforms found in TradeFi or usually require advanced features from 3rd parties. These advanced Lego pieces will be announced in separate partnership announcements.